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16 beginner classes for every body, level and ability.

Everybody can develop a yoga practice that meets their needs, whether they've never exercised before, or run marathons every day.

This series of 16 beginner classes is designed to give you the tools to establish a yoga practice that works for you.

Our expert teachers will guide you through foundational elements in a simple, inclusive way, so you can understand each pose and learn how to do them in a way that feels best for your body.

Your journey begins here.

Follow this path of 16 classes for yoga beginners to establish the foundations of your practice.

Who is this course for?

This course of 16 classes is suitable for all beginners to yoga. All ages, fitness levels, flexibility, strength and cardio levels are welcome. It doesn't matter if you have had previous experience with yoga or not, we will take you through all you need to know to establish the foundations of an empowering and sustainable yoga practice.

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Our expert and professional instructors will guide you through Yoga for beginners at home with comprehensive online classes.

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